Saltwater Fishing
Full Day Charter - $600, 1-3 people,
$100 each additional person

Matagorda Sunrise Lodge for your next stay at Matagorda
We specialize in wading and drifting with artificial lures; however, if you prefer to fish with live bait, we can accommodate you. Our primary fishing venues are East Matagorda Bay, West Matagorda Bay and the contingent beachfront; if you would like to fish other bay systems in Texas, we can do that too. No group is too large or too small. We can accommodate multi-boat charters and customize a fishing plan for you.
To maximize your day, tell us what you want out of the trip so we can tailor the day to your needs.
Tackle is available, though we encourage you to bring your own. We have found anglers are more comfortable using their own equipment; and, a comfortable and happy angler usually catches more fish.
We fish out of first-class vessels - Pathfinders powered by Yamaha outboards. If you are considering a new boat, call for a test ride - free of charge. You will see when riding in a Pathfinder - there is a difference!