Waterfowl Hunting
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Duck, Crane or Goose Hunting
Teal Hunts
Lodging $150 per night, per person (includes 3 meals)
September begins the 16-day early teal season. Regular duck and goose season usually begins the first weekend in November (seasons are finalized in August annually). Our prairie hunts are conducted in Wharton County, with pintails, gadwalls, teal, wigeons, shovelers and a few mallards comprising the bag. The region is home to the largest concentration of wintering snow geese and specklebellies in Texas. We like to shoot decoying birds and frown on pass-shooting, unless it is an absolute last resort. Morning or afternoon duck hunts on nearby Matagorda Bay are available for species like redheads, buffleheads, pintails, scaup and wigeons. From mid-December to mid-January, sandhill cranes are fair game. These large gray birds are excellent tablefare, and even better sport. An 8-12 lbs. bird is a sight to see at 30 yards. Lodging is offered on the premises, or motels are available nearby in Wharton or El Campo. We can also package your birds at our bird processing facility.