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The 4 Best NcStar Scopes Review 2022

The 4 Best NcStar Scopes Review 2022

NcSTAR is an optics manufacturer that provides a wide variety of scopes and sights suited for the entry-level market. These scopes have spruced up as a preferred choice for casual shooters and occasional hunters. They allow you to fit something new to your firearm with Picatinny rails – most notably the AR-15 or Weaver mounts. 

NcSTAR founded in 1997, they have been in business for a long time and are a well-established brand. NcStar products are mid-level devices providing excellent value for the money. Their products are manufactured in China and then imported into the United States.

NcStar scopes often look considerably more compact than scopes of a similar price range. This makes them great choices for lighter rifle builds that can’t take much extra weight without offsetting the balance.

NcSTAR has established itself as the go-to brand for airsoft optics. Their wide selection, build quality, and great price makes them an easy choice for everybody.

A Quick Guide to NcStar Scopes

NcStar is a popular name in the rifle scope industry, especially when you factor in how affordable their products are compared to the general market. Most of NcStar’s scopes are priced at around $200 or less. 
It’s a big part of the reason this brand is gaining traction throughout the states. NcStar is often one of the top choices of hunters and shooters who would rather go for economy products rather than the more expensive ones.

But, just because NcStar sells affordable products do not mean that they perform poorly or that they are not constructed with good materials that are up to standards. Lower asking prices may not equate to poor performance and materials because there are plenty of factors you have to consider when it comes to the pricing of a product.

NcStar scopes often look considerably more compact than scopes of a similar price range. This makes them great choices for lighter rifle builds that can’t take much extra weight without offsetting the balance.

One thing I love about NcStar scopes is their quality red sights. Most are designed to deliver tactical precision over shorter ranges as opposed to longer game hunting distances.

The company’s scopes usually incorporate illuminated reticles to make them perform better during low-light conditions. This makes NcStar a good option for those who prefer hunting during dusk or dawn.

Also, many (if not most) NcStar optics or scopes come with rail mounting systems or apparatuses built into their design. This can be very beneficial, particularly when getting accustomed to a new scope or weapon.

And while NcStar may have affordable rifle scopes, you can still take advantage of good features you would not even find in more expensive scopes. 

So does a low asking price indicate low performance? Not, in my experience, so long as you know what you’re paying for.

Types of Scopes From NcSTAR 

Rifle Scope

NcSTAR has variable magnification riflescopes up to 16x. These are the most economical scopes on the market and also compact and lightweight. You can also find low magnification, illuminated, and scout scopes in their product line. 

NcSTAR has some very affordable and compact reflex optics in their line for assault rifles and handguns. These include red dots, microdots, solar dots, magnifiers, small tubes, and more. 

Dual Optic Scopes

Reflex Scope

These scopes feature a reflex sight mounted over a rifle scope and allows the user to switch between the two. Allowing quick target acquisition and accuracy at both long and short-range.

The Best NcSTAR Skopes

Scope Image Scope Price
NcStar Mark III Tactical P4 Sniper 3-9x42 Check Price
Ncstar 3-9X42 Mark III Tactical GEN II/ MIL DOT Check Price
NC Star Ncstar Delta 4x30mmx 40mm Check Price
NcStar 3-9x42 Compact Sniper Scope Check Price

TOP 4 Best Rifle Scope from NcStar

1.Ncstar 3-9X42 Mark III Tactical GEN II/ MIL DOT

The NcStar Mark III Tactical P4 Sniper 3-9×42 scope is a tactical glass that provides magnification powers of 3x to 9x. The lens itself is 42mm in size. 

The main reason this is a favorite among many economies-level purchasers is that it is not only small and compact but also has the power and capabilities of scopes that are twice its price. And even though it is smaller and lighter than most other rifle scopes, it actually feels durable and may even outlast more expensive options.

The NcStar Mark III Tactical P4 is a medium-range scope that is perfect for mounting over AR-style assault rifles and other tactical rifles. 

This system is jam-packed with big features in a small package. You get a blue and green illuminated reticle with multiple brightness settings for each. 

The scope has a P4 sniper reticle that makes estimations easy for quick sighting and accuracy. It is an illuminated scope suitable for low light action. It can be used with BUIS with no issues. 

It can be operated in red or green and adjusted to varying degrees of brightness depending on where and what you’re shooting. 

Quick focus eyepiece, on the end and lens, covers for the scope, and a dust cover, for the microdot read site well is also included.  

Built-in slant cut sunshade and finally an improved locking and quick release system is included in this model.

Mounting this scope is a child’s play if you have a weaver rail already present on your receiver. It uses a quick-detach lever-operated base that is very simple and fast to switch. 

The NcStar 3 9×42 is not the most accurate scope you’ll ever use, but it shoots well in most conditions and will give beginners a satisfying but also challenging experience.


  • Precision Ground Optics;
  • Rubber armored coating;
  • Integrated 5mW red laser;
  • a blue illuminated P4 sniper reticle with 1/2 MOA adjustments.
  • This Scope features a Weaver-style quick-release mounting system;
  • built-in sunshade with flip-up lens caps;
  • Accurately Zero in and hold settings with new 1/4 click Open Turret Knobs;
  • Objective and Ocular lenses are multi-coated for an extra Clarity without Glare;
  • Ultra-bright Blue Illuminated Reticles with 7 Levels of intensity to help locate targets in low lighting conditions.
Pros Cons
Fog Proof Very meager eye relief (only two inches)
Shock Proof
One Piece Tube
Rugged Construction
Performs well as a tactical or distance scope
Stylish matte black finish (good for camouflage)
Lenses coated to protect against the elements
Includes Reinforced Weaver Rings with 1" Inserts

2.Ncstar 3-9X42 Mark III Tactical GEN II/ MIL DOT

NcStar’s 3-9×42 Mark III Tactical Gen II Mil-Dot Scope is another versatile, high performing scope with a lot of great features. This one is a 4 by 32, available in either a mil-dot or a P4 sniper radical. It means the glass is effortless to use and can be quickly switched between rifles. For those who need to shoot across varying ranges or combine weapons, this is a truly superb feature.

The cool thing about these is that you’ve got a selectable option of a blue or green radical in these. Your choice for the particular background or your needs. 

Nice, easy-to-use controls. You’ve got a nice diopter adjustment, you’ve got a zero-reset feature so after you got your gun zeroed to 100 yards. You’ve got a quick selection here for bullet drop compensation out to five hundred yards so it will automatically compensate and get your right on target quickly.

 Of course, just like the previous models it’s got a quick release, quick detach for your Picatinny rail, it’s sitting at the right height for proper citing on a flat top AR. 

The new series, the Gen 2 series has got improved coatings as well as improved clarity so you’ve got a little brighter images, a little sharper and great all-around scope for general-purpose shooting applications. 


  • CR2032 Battery;
  • P4 Sniper reticle;
  • 3-9x magnification;
  • FMJ Mil-Spec ammo;
  • Quick Focus Eyepiece;
  • Black Anodized Finish;
  • Fully multi-coated lenses;
  • Integrated Slant Cut Sun Shade;
  • Black Anodized Aluminum Body;
  • Includes lens covers and battery;
  • Locking Quick Release mount and a more compact QR Lever;
  • 100-500 yard Bullet Drop Compensator calibrated for M193 55gr; 
  • Blue and Green Color Illuminated reticle, with multiple brightness settings for each color;
  • Scope Centerline height raised to AR15 1.5″ scope height and more room for low profile Rear BUIS.
Pros Cons
Rust-resistant outer surface Lacks a parallax turret
Comes with added accessories (value for money)
Click/snap-on mount (good for switching weapons)

3.NC Star Ncstar Delta 4x30mmx 40mm with White & Red Navigation LED

The Ncstar Delta 4x30mmx 40mm is perfect for both long-distance use and close range with the top-mounted iron sights for backup. 

The electronic control panel is mounted on top for adjusting the brightness and color of the illuminated reticle. It can either be Blue or Red-colored. The scope is also adjustable for windage and elevation.

The Electronic Control Panel is placed on top of the scope for Ambidextrous use. You can turn On/Off the Illuminated Reticle & LED NAV Lights, adjust the brightness level of the Illuminated Reticle, change select the Illuminated Reticle Color (Blue or Red) and the LED NAV Lights (White & Red). There are 5 brightness settings for the Illuminated Ret.

The Gen 3 auto locking quick-release mount makes it easy and fast to install on your rifle. The white and Red navigation LED lights make it easier to maneuver in the dark, while the lower-powered lights increase the night vision of the user. 

This will mount onto most Weaver/Picatinny/MIL-STD 1913 type rails. The scope uses 2 AA batteries that are also included. 


  • P4 Sniper reticle; 
  • 4x30mm fixed magnification; 
  • Electronic control panel for settings; 
  • Elevation and windage adjustment; 
  • Gen3 auto locking quick release;
  • Top-mounted iron sights; 
  • White and Red LED navigation lights; 
  • Uses 2 each AA batteries; 
  • Compatible with bolt-action rifles;
  • Die-Cast Aluminum Body with Black Anodized body;
  • Fully Multi-Coated lens for a bright crystal clear image quality.

NcStar 3-9X42 Compact Sniper Scope

The NcStar 3-9×42 Compact Sniper Scope has the same lens size and magnification powers as the NcStar Mark III Tactical P4 Sniper 3-9×42. And if you have been looking for a compact scope for your tactical rifle, the NcStar Mark 3 Compact Tactical Rifle Scope might just be the answer.

The New Rubber Armored Mark III Tactical Series gives you all the great features of the Original Mark III Tactical Series such as the Weaver Style Quick Release System and Built-in Sunshade, but with the added protection of Rubber Armoring AND a Fully Adjustable Red Laser. 

The scope features an integrated quick-release mounting system, fully multi-coated lenses, finger turnable target turrets, a quick focus eyepiece. 

The Rubber Armored Mark III Tactical Series features Blue Illuminated Reticle. The SRTP series features a blue illuminated P4 Sniper reticle. Adjustable from 3 to 9 power with a 42mm lens. Mounts to any weaver style rail that has the room.

One thing I like about this rifle scope is how effortlessly you can adjust its magnification. I’d say it’s a little more user-intuitive here than on the other product. On the Mark III Tactical P4 Sniper 3-9×42, the sliding ring is too close to the red dot sight.

The NcStar 3-9×42 Compact Sniper Scope is designed for ease of use and to stand up to the harsh conditions of tactical use. 

To get these features on any other scope, you will pay much more. If you want a lightweight tactical scope at a great price, the Mark 3 Compact Tactical is.


  • Built-in sunshade;
  • 3X-9X magnification;
  • Green-coated lenses;
  • Quick focus eyepiece;
  • 42mm objective dim.; 
  • Quick-release mounts; 
  • Fully Multi-Coated Lenses;
  • Matte black finished housings; 
  • Reticles illuminate in Red or Green with multiple brightness setting;
  • Bullet drop compensator calibrated for the.223 cartridge with a 55-grain bullet and illuminated Mil-Dot Reticle;
  • Integrated Quick Release weaver style/Picatinny mounting system Matte comes in a black finish.
Pros Cons
Fast release mount Lacks a parallax adjustment turret
Fantastic fast-focus eyepiece
The decent level of magnification (3-9x)
Coated lenses for extra weather protection


NcSTAR is an American company that is renowned for producing good quality and affordable rifle scopes. Their long product line has inexpensive alternatives to expensive scopes on the market. 

I hope you agree that NcStar’s riflescopes offer a reasonable performance, functionality, and style for a low price. They would struggle to compete with top-priced premium scopes but, for their price range, they excel.

I recommend NcStar scopes if you’re new to tactical shooting or on a tight budget. Until you can save up for something more sophisticated, these accessories will provide consistency and ease of use.

Bink Grimes

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